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pictorial murals

Purina Cat.jpg

Purina Tower Murals

Location: Denver, CO
Client: Nestle Purina

Scope:  Larry Polzin has painted the iconic Purina tower four times since 1990, and in 2015 Jessica joined him. Over 60 colors of enamel were hand mixed and the project took roughly a month to complete. There is nothing like knowing upwards of 175,000 people view this mural everyday from the highway!

 We stand apart in our ability to hand paint realistic murals, our varied skills and ability to problem solve and adapt allow us to take on any type of mural. Let us paint your next idea!

Whether it's a sprawling exterior mural or an interior logo, we have the expertise and creativity to create works that leave a lasting impression.

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Let’s Work Together

We are always open to hearing about new and interesting projects of all kinds. Drop us a note and tell us about you and your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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