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painted floor graphics


Patterned Floor Murals

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Client: 3D Identity

Scope: Painted floor graphics are always tricky. We utilize high-quality paints and materials that withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain their vibrant colors over time. 

Our skilled artisans employ precise techniques to ensure flawless execution, transforming the floor into a canvas that draws attention and inspires creativity.

Our portfolio includes an array of impressive floor murals that have become focal points within corporate offices, coworking spaces, and innovation hubs. By infusing art into the workplace, we help to create a stimulating environment that fosters collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Let’s Work Together

Let us create a bespoke design that reflects your company's values, culture, and vision, enhancing your workspace with a touch of artistic flair. Contact us today to create space where art and technology converge and level up your office environment!

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