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Sign & Digital Graphics magazine • March 2016

Fourth Time is the Charm
“Returning to a high tower to apply tricks to a new dog.”

“I have been fortunate throughout my career in this crazy world of signs to have met and worked with a lot of wonderful people. Some were my mentors, some were fellow artists and many were and still are clients and customers. I typically try to establish a long-term relationship with my clients, and it’s always nice when they remember you and make a point to call you back. And one of those long-term relationships spanned 25 years—the painting of the Denver Nestle Purina Tower.”

Sign & Digital Graphics magainze – January 2014

Bright Lights Big City

“it’s always a privilege to work with good people. I got a phone call from my old running buddy, Harry Spetnagel, a while back and he wanted to know if I was interested in painting a wall mural. Harry is one of the lead designers at Gensler & Associates….

Sign & Digital Graphics / October 2013

Kangourou Boxeur
“Coffee shop gets window and mural treatment”

“Its always encouraging to see a new business grow in this challeng­ing economy, especially when you just know it’s going to succeed. I recently had the privilege to play a part in one such enterprise when I was contacted by three young entrepreneurs working on their dream project-a coffee shop in North Denver. They had a taste for old-school craftsmanship and wanted to showcase it in their shop’s decor and identity, and they were hoping I could help them. 

Sign Business magazine – August 2008

Safe Harbor

“130 year-old lockbox get’s a touchup.”

Sign Business magazine – February 2007

Old Dogs… New Tricks
“Re-painting a re-painting of a re-painting, Walldog style, with new and old techniques of sign making prowess.”

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Sign Business magazine – July 2000

The Dog Days
“Teaching an old dog new tricks”