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Dimensional signage

Header Image Pig N Out.jpg

Piggin' Out Signs & Logo

Location: Lakewood, CO
Client: Piggin' Out Smokehouse

Scope: For this project, we were tasked with creating a variety of comedic signs that would be noticeable from the street. We cut out the pigs, clouds and copy, painted them using lettering enamel, and affixed them to a sunset scene of Red Rocks. All of this infuses a sense of playfulness and character into the signage.

Whimsy makes a brand more memorable in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

A fun sign can entice people to stop by your business out of curiosity, potentially converting them into customers. Incorporating playfulness into your sign can create a positive, welcoming atmosphere and make your establishment more appealing, helping to draw customers in and establish a favorable reputation.

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