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let us introduce the family

Larry "Dad" Polzin

Owner, Production Overlord & Head Janitor

Larry has been a lettering artist for over 30 years in the Sign and Graphic Design business. In 2007 he started Stargazer Creations in memory of his son, John Michael Allen Polzin. Johnny was an accomplished artist with a passion for botany, and wore a beautiful Stargazer Lily tattoo on his chest. Larry wears that flower on his chest now, over his heart, in remembrance of Johnny. 

Throughout his career, Larry has worked in all phases of the trade: from concept and design to fabrication and installation. He has worked with many talented artists, creating works that can be seen nationwide. With such an extensive background in the sign world, he has developed niche skills and has a deep appreciation for both time-honored techniques and innovative approaches. Larry has built his reputation by providing quality work to all business associates, many of whom have become close friends.Today, he works alongside his two talented daughters, who bring their own unique talents and perspectives to their shared artistic endeavor.

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Larry Polzin

Sarah Polzin

Co-Owner, Color Mix Master & Snack Marshall

As a Denver local hailing from a family of artists, Sarah's creative journey has been deeply influenced by her surroundings and upbringing. Working primarily with paint, wood, and multimedia materials, she strives to create works that transcend conventional boundaries and ignite a sense of curiosity and introspection in viewers.


Sarah spent a brief four years living in Los Angeles, CA working and showing her work every chance she had. Her roots ultimately called her back to Colorado, where she decided to collaborate with her father's sign business. This opportunity has not only allowed Sarah to apply her artistic skills in a practical setting but has
also served as a source of inspiration. Working with different materials and techniques in the commercial sign industry has brought a new dimension to her artistic process, fueling her creativity and pushing her to explore innovative approaches to her art.

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Sarah Polzin
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Jessica Polzin

Co-Owner, Jess of All Trades & Lead Punster

Originally a fashion designer, she's referred to as a "Jess of all trades” by her clients and colleagues. She moved her practice to New York in 2009 and catered to clients as a designer, visual artist, body painter, special FX makeup artist, muralist, costume maker, teacher, fabricator, fiber artist and puppet maker while continuing to devote a portion of her time to charities and non-profit organizations. Jessica returned to Denver in 2016 to join her father and sister in re-inventing Stargazer Creations. For Jessica, no project has ever proved itself too difficult: her favorite pastime is hurdling “impossible” challenges. 

Jessica Polzin
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